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Faith like a boat 

I drive over this creek mouth daily. Depending on tides the row of boats are either resting on the creek bed or on the right day bopping on the blue water that’s island blue like in the movies.
At low tide one particular little white boat rests there like all the others; it looks like a boat, acts like a boat; it’s a boat!

But then high tide comes and it does not float, it’s not functioning as a boat should. It’s the moment to shine, to back up all that talk with action and it just fills with water.

Faith is a boat.

It can look like, talk like, act like faith. But in the moment to shine- pressure, challenges, valleys, persecution, when you gotta put it in to action. Does your faith float or sink?
What does your belief in Jesus actually look like?

The last few weeks every time I’ve driven over the bridge and seen the boat, fully submerged, looking like a competent boat, half and half; every time God has spoken to me about my faith in Him.

I felt like this challenge had to be shared  with someone today.
In the moment to shine, is your faith a boat? Or just looking like one?

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