About She Does

Hello my name is Yvette.. I’m twenty-something, ice-cream loving, binge TV watching me. I actually don’t mind burpees and wish I had time to read the pile of books on my nightstand. I try to blog regularly, though life and ministry keep me pretty busy….  I do enjoy writing though, so stick around, I’d love to get to know you.


She loves.

I married Daniel nearly five years ago. He is a daily reminder in the goodness of our faithful God. He writes me love songs and serenades me, doesn’t get angry when I fall asleep watching movies at 8pm and he is the reason I’m the me I am today. A little bit about our marriage

She mothers.

We have four children; two handsome little men with us. Blued eyed, adventurous, stubborn like his Mumma; mr3. And little brother who joined us in March 2015, no one can make him giggle the way his big brother does!

And we have two beautiful babies with Jesus- Zazu (lost to early miscarriage) and Emmanuelle who had anachalphy who we lost at nearly sixteen weeks. Telling her story is one of the main things you’ll read about on this blog.

She leads.

Daniel and I lead the church mission in our little town, and work in a larger church in the next town over also… But before this I was a youth pastor for six years. Leading is something I love to do, and love to learn more about.

But mostly, I love to work myself out of a job- train others to become all God called and created them to be. Watching this happen through teams I lead brings me great joy.

She believes.

I believe in Jesus, with my whole heart. He is faithful, He is true, He is love and He is good.   I believe Jesus transforms lives, mine included. I believe who I will be with Him is the absolute best version of myself. Life with Him is a grand adventure.


5 thoughts on “About She Does

  1. Steve Pugh says:

    Hi, Yvette. What a georgeous photo! God has certainly been at work in you and through you to bless others. It’s wonderful that you are able to touch others’ lives with the gift of your words and understanding. As a student at TVCS those many years ago I knew the Lord would use you in powerful ways. I pray that He will continue to bless you and your family, that He will fill your life with joy and that He will continue to minister to others through you. All the best from Steve Pugh.

  2. Dani says:

    Yvette, you haven’t posted in a while, so I just wanted to do a heart check. I’ve been thinking of you, sweetie.


  3. Gudrun ReiterHiltebrand says:

    Dear Yvette,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, and all of your wonderful family with us. I am very touched, and very sorry for your pain and grief. I am a neonatal nurse in California, and right this moment am preparing a presentation for emergency department staff on how to support the woman and family with pregnancy loss in the ED. I was hoping you would allow me to respectfully share pictures of Emmanuelle and Steven James in my presentation, to help the staff in a busy ED see the humanity and not just the clinical side of their care.
    with my warmest thoughts and thanks,

    • shedoesblog says:

      Hi Gudrun
      Yes please!
      Thank you so much for asking. I also have something I wrote to a friend who is training to be a doctor- he asked what I thought those in the medical profession should know- would you like me to email it to you?

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